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Best Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Lips


Like the other parts, lips are also amidst one of the most important part of our body. It is an important part that adds beauty to our face. It can make your face look extremely beautiful and if not cared properly, it can make your face very ugly. Hence, it is extremely obligatory to ensure the healthy and beautiful lips forever.

Let us know about the six key tips useful to keep your lips beautiful and healthy for long:

Moisturized Lips Always

It is a delicate part and do not have any sweat glands. It is essential to give extra care. In order to relieve your lips from dryness, you can use lip balm or Chap Stick. You can also make use of Vitamin E oil in the night on your lips to keep it soft and moist. It is better to avoid using petroleum products. The use of products containing good ingredients like almond oil, natural bees wax, glycerine, etc. are strongly recommended to keep your lips healthy and look beautiful the whole day long.

Drinking Water Timely

Water is essential for our whole body. Like other parts, water is also useful for healthy lips. We drink more water in summer but in the winter season, the intake of water decreases badly due to no sweat and lack of thirstiness. To replenish the lost moisture particularly in the cold season, it is highly necessary to drink an ample amount of fresh water.

Use Quality Products

Females are generally engaged in trying out the different type of lipsticks from time to time. It is extremely harmful. Using the cheap quality lipsticks can directly harm your soft lips resulting in an ugly appearance. Everyone wishes to have kissable lips. It is good to use only the best quality and branded lipsticks suitable for your delicate lips. It will make your lips appear tempting and bring a lot of compliments for you.

Avoid more spicy food items

The regular intake of spicy and salty foods can dry your lips. So avoid them to the possible extent. If you are unable to control eating salty and spicy eatables, don’t forget to wash your lips after eating and moisturize them using almond oil or lip guards to keep your lips attractive and healthier.  

Apply Honey Regularly

Dryness and unnecessary dead cells make your lips worst. Applying natural and pure honey on a routine basis will certainly make your lips soft, kissable, and appealing. After you apply it, leave it for twenty five minutes and wipe it with soft piece of cloth for the healthy and plump lips over the time.

Avoid smoking and deficiency of Vitamin B

Not only for the health reason but also smoking is harmful for your lips. The regular smoking makes your lips dark and dry. The appearance of lips can be improved by quitting the habit of chain smoking, and drinking coffee. Avoid caffeine and cigarettes for healthy lips. 

On the other hand vitamin B deficiency not only affects your digestive system but also has direct impact on your gentle lips. It sometimes results in cracks and also causes ulcers in your mouth. Particularly during the winter season, make sure you take sufficient amount of vitamin B to keep your lips beautiful and healthier. 

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