Why teenagers should aware about teen pregnancy prevention?

Why teenagers should aware about teen pregnancy prevention?

teen pregnancy prevention
Why teenagers should aware about teen pregnancy prevention?

May is teen pregnancy Awareness month. This month the nation turns its attention to teen pregnancy prevention for the entire month.According to the national campaign, nearly 3 in 10 girls will pregnant before the age of 20. Meanwhile, about 18% of women obtaining an abortion are teenagers.

When teens have a baby, the impact is serious and long-lasting the teen parents, their child, their families, and the community. There are a high number of teen gave birth.

In many parts of the world teenage pregnancy is declining and it remains associated with consideration to social, health and economic outcomes. They may have a higher risk of living in poverty than girls who delay parenthood. These consequences also extend to the children of teen mothers, who are more likely to be premature and more likely to drop out of high school than children of older parents.

Many people are rightly concerned about the need for education and resources for these young women. These teen birth rates have fallen significantly from the last 60 years both nationally and locally. So to prevent teenage pregnancy primarily focus on young women, with minimal attention to young men.

And also in this month, college students are encouraged to get involved in efforts to educate our younger peers. In this pregnancy prevention month, the U.S Department of health and human services (HHS) is doing a lot of raise awareness.

We also encourage you to focus on abstinence education and to teach your young peers the importance of mutual respect in relationships. Here are some ideas that you can follow to raise awareness in your community.

  • Educate your younger peers about healthy relationships. It offers you to provide an abstinence or healthy relationships presentation at your church’s youth group meeting. Teens will really appreciate by hearing this advice coming from someone closer to their age. You can also check out RA programs for ideas for your presentation. 
  • Promote pregnancy resources for teens. Pregnancy resources such as pregnancy resource centers or teen maternity homes. You can do this online, in your presentations, or even by creating flyers to post around your community. Find local pregnancy resource centers at and search for local maternity homes in your states and regions.
  • Spread awareness via social media. You can spread this awareness using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with clever and informative posts. To get more information and stats on teen pregnancy. You can also check out The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and unplanned pregnancy.

The national campaign’s mission is to prevent teen pregnancy by supporting values and stimulating actions that are consistent with pregnancy-free adolescence. Its main goal is to reduce the teen pregnancy rate by one-third. The campaign has five primary components:

  1. Taking a strong stand against teen pregnancy and attracting new voices this issue.
  2. Enlisting the help of social media.
  3. Supporting and stimulating state and local actions.
  4. Leading a national discussion about the role of religion, culture and public value in an effort to build common ground and
  5. Making sure about everyone’s effort is based on the best facts and research available on different sites.

There are different types of programs that are directed at contraceptive use and pregnancy prevention includes the assertiveness/decision-making approach, sex education, family planning services, school-based programs, and non-school based multi-purpose youth centers.

Several types of programs are designed specifically for pregnant teenage women. These include nutritional programs such as WIC, Maternal/Child Health programs with an emphasis on prenatal care, and public school programs for pregnant adolescents. Finally, there are several programs that are directed at resolving a pregnancy abortion and adoption.

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